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This blog is a collection of my periodic writings about the two elements of embracing Life as an Art Form:

  • Regular practices to embrace greater happiness and vitality.
  • Occasional processes to alleviate or transcend suffering in all its forms.

This yin/yang approach is the path to an optimized experience of life – ongoing progress toward ever-greater achievement of your human potential.

There is no destination.

Nowhere to arrive, nothing tangible to achieve.

The joy is in the journey.

In the process of achieving, rather than achievement of some arbitrary benchmark.

The self-development journey leading to greater balance, stability, and well-being among the four domains of human experience: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

That balance produces optimism and a positive attitude. Meaning and purpose, and their natural outcome: fulfillment. A lifestyle characterized by grace, ease and fun.

If you haven’t already joined the Life as an Art Form community, you’ll find your self-development more enriching and fruitful alongside a community of others on the same path of seeking greater personal growth.

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Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)

~ Bobby

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