Focused Life-Force Energy

About Focused Life-Force Energy

I’ve been a subscriber to Focused Life-Force Energy since 2013. I wouldn’t think of being without it. Here’s why.

It’s a wave of high-consciousness energy that literally supports and sustains my high vibe and my intentions.

Think of radio wave – undetectable via our senses, but it’s there nonetheless.

I have it focused on my home to maintain a high-vibe living space 24x7x365, and to mitigate the EMF emissions associated with wifi routers, other electronics, and electrical wiring.

I have it on my mobile phone to maintain a high-consciousness field around me wherever I go, and mitigate the phone’s EMF emissions.

I have it on several objects that I use in sacred ceremonies and emotional healing groups, to create that same high-consciousness field throughout the venue where the event’s being staged.

What do I like about FLFE?

In 2013 I first applied it to my home. I noticed that when I traveled away from home my energy level seemed to decline, and my senses seemed a bit duller. I didn’t realize the full impact of these until I returned home and felt an immediate pickup in energy and awareness. Plus, my creativity and productivity were always at peak while at home, and dropped off whenever I was traveling.

Over the years I’ve been with them FLFE has added a variety of programming to the wave – like immune and digestive system support, brain optimization, and liver/kidney/gallbladder support for optimum elimination of toxic body wastes. They describe several other programs on their website, as well. I appreciate these because I’m certain they complement my diet and exercise program to keep my body functioning optimally, even as I age.

My satisfaction with life, self-love, and peace of mind is off the charts since starting on FLFE. I attribute this primarily to the personal growth and spiritual development work I’ve done. But I’m certain that constantly being in a high-vibe field is an accelerator.

I consider the founders of FLFE – Jeff and Clayten – close personal friends, and among the highest-integrity men I know. They have my complete confidence in whatever claims they make about FLFE, because I know from personal experience how much love, passion, and validation they put into each of their claims. They spend months developing each new program, and test it extensively before adding it to the FLFE wave.

I’m not given to endorsing products, nor suggesting anyone do something I haven’t personally experienced the benefit of. But I encourage you to try FLFE free for 15 days, and personally witness its effects. You can read more about FLFE HERE, or you can begin a free trial by simply clicking on the image below.

FLFE Free Trial

Full disclosure: If you begin a paid subscription to FLFE after your free trial, I’ll be paid a small portion of your payment.