Personal Mentoring

Accelerated self-development

Why would someone appreciate personal mentoring? There are a lot of possible reasons why people seek a mentoring relationship. Here are a few:

  • If you’re struggling through a difficult period in life, and appreciate the support of someone trained in gentle yet effective guidance and transcendent processes.
  • If you’re fumbling a bit in your personal or spiritual growth journey, and recognize the value in an outside, unbiased, and expert perspective.
  • For guidance and support in releasing old non-productive habits, and adopting new practices to increase your productivity and effectiveness.
  • If you’re struggling in a relationship, and want to learn new skills to create more authentic conversation, greater intimacy, and deeper love.
  • If you desire greater clarity about your life’s purpose.

All of us have learned to navigate life pretty well up to this point. And all of us could benefit from a friendly, helping hand from time to time.

Here’s the experience of one person who sought my guidance:

I reached out for help when I was going through a transformative stage of my life that was difficult for people around me to understand. Bob has the wisdom and insight to see the possibilities and value of times of struggle earned from the best teacher in life: experience. He is able to see beyond social narratives and helped me to consciously choose how I want my life to be based upon my values.

The first mentoring session is on me – no cost. That’ll allow us to get to know one another, and give you a sense of how I can support you. Simply reach out to me using this site’s Contact page. I’ll be in touch to find a mutually agreeable time.