Peer Support and Accountability

Support for Positive Behavior Change.

Achieving satisfaction, contentment, and inner peace involves adopting certain habits or practices demonstrated to move us in the direction of greater happiness. 

Adopting healthy daily habits gives greater meaning to our lives.  They create a sense of purpo0se, and yield feelings of fulfillment. 

Adhering to healthy daily practices builds our determination muscles – useful in many aspects of life

Peer Support GroupsPeer Support aids in becoming accountable for adopting positive change.

Our Self-Mastery groups provide instruction, motivation, and self-discovery for adopting any of a variety of life-enhancing daily practices. We then establish an accountability relationship with one or several others in the group that is the extra”oomph” needed to follow through on our intentions. It gives us the opportunity to support one another in making positive life changes.

Few of us ever ask for help. And yet most of us could benefit from it.

Peer accountability is easy, and takes only a few moments of the day. And yet, the responsibility of reporting to your partner each day on whether or not you achieved your objective is a powerful stimulant for aligning your actions with your intentions. Giving the gift of supporting another in the same manner creates a sense of purpose and meaning.

An accountability partner is someone aligned with your values and positive intentions. Because of the mutual support accountability partners provide, it’s not unusual for meaningful friendships to develop.

Let’s get real.

Making positive new changes, and releasing old bad habits – this isn’t easy stuff.

If you’re like most people, you’ve had many experiences of deciding to do something meaningful, starting off with good intentions, and failing to follow through.

It’s well known that people have a tendency to “Go on the wagon” then fall off quickly. That few people actually carry on with New Year’s resolutions after a week or two.

It’s easy to break an agreement with yourself. 

When you agree to become accountable that your actions line up with your intentions – with one or several other persons who are similarly motivated to change – your likelihood of succeeding skyrockets.

It’s important to understand any new practice as an opportunity for positive growth, rather than a responsibility or chore. Most of us have a tendency to duck responsibilities and chores.

Peer support is the ultimate resource for establishing and maintaining a positive perspective on embracing change.

What we do in Weekly Self-Mastery Groups

  1. Provide instruction about the prospective benefits and the methods for adopting a specific new practice that will increase your mind mastery and subjective well-being (happiness). Examples of these are Mindfulness practices, Gratitude, and Movement.
  2. Provide motivation and group support in the early stages of adopting the practice, when it’s most difficult (usually 4-6 weeks).
  3. Establish a forum for weekly group progress reporting, speaking of the challenges we’ve faced, and for ideas to surface that other group members have adopted to maximize their success.
  4. Form accountability pairs – partners who agree to support one another daily in following through on the practice.
  5. Provide before-and-after benchmarks that allow you to subjectively measure how effective is the practice in your own life. Because if you can’t measure it, you’re not likely to keep doing it. And if it’s not producing the desired results there’s no sense in continuing with the practice.

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