Self Mastery Groups

The ultimate resource for deeper self-awareness and positive behavior change.

Have these questions ever occurred to you?

Who do I want to become? What virtues do I want to adopt? What stands in my way? How do I overcome these hurdles?

How can I make progress each and every week toward my goals and intentions?

Why do I over-react in certain situations?

How can I stop bad habits and adopt new, positive changes?

Why are relationship conflicts – with family, friends, or co-workers – so frequent in my life?

Why is my self-talk not more positive?

Self empowerment virtual groupsThese are important questions for anyone seeking self-development. But we rarely take the time to do the inner excavation work to discover the answers.

Self-mastery only occurs by examining our innermost motivators and fears. Reinforcing our motivators, and conquering our fears.

Facilitated weekly self-mastery groups are a powerful stimulant for exploring those and other questions related to self-discovery. 

They provide the means for shining the light of greater awareness on how we show up in life that’s not in keeping with our desires and highest ideals. And incorporate effective strategies for making powerful, incremental change in our lives.

You’ll meet weekly with a small, trusted group of fellow intrepid explorers devoted to authentic examination of what motivates us, and making small positive steps in the direction of your ideal self.

As you participate in a group, you come to appreciate that your problems are not so different from those of others. As you become more and more familiar with the structure and format of meetings and your groupmates, you’ll find yourself speaking more freely about topics that you’ve preferred to hide from others previously.

Most of us know that the way to resolve problems is not to ignore or suppress them, but rather to address them head-on. That’s our intent each and every week in our Self Mastery groups.

Becoming aware of the why behind your self-sabotage and inner limiting messages is the first step toward empowering yourself with the freedom to better choose how you respond to circumstances, rather than unconsciously reacting. From there, positive change becomes more natural and easy.

Self Mastery Groups stimulate the change necessary for you to transcend your self-defeating behavior, and become the absolute best version of yourself.

When appropriate, you’ll agree to report on your progress toward integrating your intentions more frequently than weekly, via facilitated Peer Support.

For more information about starting or joining a Self Mastery group, please reach out via our Contact page.