Don’t Be a Dick.

angry man

You’re such a dick. Why don’t you just ease up a bit? Why do you always have to be such a hard ass? Why does everyone have to meet up to your standards? Why can’t you be nicer to people? It’s no wonder you have so few friends. You view everyone at work like they’re a competitor. Who in the hell do you think you are to be so damn self-important and judgmental?


I’m so proud of you. Not just how smart you are, but who you’re becomingloving parent as a human being. You might not be perfect, but you just keep trying at whatever you do – you never give up. Your friends are lucky to know you, because you’re so considerate. I’m lucky to be related to you. You light up my life.

What do you think?

Is the first guy a total dick, or what?

And doesn’t the second person sound like an encouraging, loving friend or parent?

The first few sentences were my typical self-talk. The second group are the way I thought about and talked to my wonderful daughter.

Wow, is that ever screwed up!

I was a real dick to myself! Way more critical than I would be toward most anyone else!

How could I be so hateful toward myself, and so loving to my daughter?

And how do you think that might have showed up in my way of being toward the world? How many people do you think might have cozied up to someone who was so full of self-hate?